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What to expect:

Once you decided that you want to work with me, we will schedule a 30 minute to 1 hour phone consultation.

Note: The resume is the first component of your completed package. After the resume is final, I will begin to work on your cover letter, LinkedIn profile and any other request that you may have.

DISCOVERY: A questionnaire will be shared and once complete, we will schedule a phone discussion to review.

DESIGN: I will design the 1st draft of your resume, capturing your skills and accomplishments. The draft is sent to you for review and feedback (preferably within 48 hours). If needed, a 2nd draft will be created and shared.

BRANDING: Once you approve the language of the resume, I will add that final design touch that makes the resume stand out!

It's All About You!

My services are tailored to each client and since each person has different needs and requirements, each resume will vary in its price. Please contact me to learn more. 

Terms and conditions


I will NEVER sell or share your personal information with any business or individual.


I can't guarantee that your resume/cover letter or LinkedIn work will secure you a job. What I can guarantee is that I will deliver the service(s) that you need to push your career forward. If you are not happy with what I am delivering, please let me know. I can't fix something if I am not aware that there is an issue. 


When you send your resume, if it only needs minor edits or reformatting, that's all I will do and I will make those edits for you. If your resume needs more, I will let you know. Then you can decide what you would like me to do for you.


If you have questions, please request a copy of the project agreement. I will ask all clients to sign the agreement prior to payment and before the project begins.


"My experience working with Patty was nothing short of excellent! Not only did she listen to my career goals to ensure my resume was favorable she also provided excellent guidance on my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend!"

Jac'Quan  D.- Business Analyst

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