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A career beyond the scope of a job, holds an infinity of possibilities- including skill, education and future aspirations. Go beyond that scope and create a career that is exclusively yours!

                  Patty Killmer

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I recognize that every customer is unique. This includes their needs, concerns, goals, passions, and dreams. Everyone differs on skills, education, salary requirements and more. I take the time to get to know each of you so that my services and recommendations are customized to meet YOUR needs. This is not a box-store approach, this is your career journey.

Customized resumes are created to target the role you aim to secure. It's a marketing piece vs a job description that highlights your unique abilities and experiences. The result is a much higher interview rate.

Hi! I am Patty Killmer.

Epic Resume Design+  helps you connect with your future employer by linking your past and present. I will design a story of your career that is concise and compelling... a story that is 'exclusively yours'. 

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About Me


Your resume will be designed to highlight accomplishments, skills and work experience. Your resume will stand out. 

Cover Letter

Your cover letter will  support the content of your resume. This one page document will expand on your achievements, showcase your personality, and explain why you’d be a good fit for the company.


Your LinkedIn profile is an important component to your job search and to show your personal brand. Your profile should attract potential employers and needs to be optimized for keywords. 

My services include drafting language and guidance for key profile elements depending on your personal needs and industry.


As an affordable option, I can provide a resume review to help you identify what is strong on your resume and areas that need more attention. 

Trade and new Professional

As an new professional, recent graduate, or trades-person you will need to have a powerful resume when entering or advancing into the workforce. I'll work with you to create a resume package tailored to your specific employment goals; whether you want to make a strong lateral move, advance your career or just be prepared for the unique opportunity that might present itself.


As a team, we will outline your strengths, talents and accomplishments, as well as your overall employment highlights and future aspirations. 


Now that you have established your reputation, developed your skill set, and gained valuable experience, we need to showcase your brand.  You need a resume that highlights the exact achievements and responsibilities that match the position that you're applying for.

I will work closely with you to design a professionally written resume and other brand marketing materials, that highlight your achievements and attributes that clearly set you apart from others.

Senior Level Professional

Military to Civilian Professional

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As an executive you need to showcase your demonstrated leadership skills and achievements. At your level it is expected that you will have a customized resume [package] that presents you in the proper light as an accomplished and knowledgeable leader who successfully seizes opportunities, delivers results consistently, and is a true value-added proposition.

You will need a resume that is crafted to showcase and market your brand.

Transitioning from military service to the private sector requires a special touch. Your service makes your skills unique for any company and/or industry. That in mind, you not only need a resume, but a personal brand that outlines your leadership skills and abilities, decisiveness, resourcefulness, and other key attributes. 

Your resume needs to outline your accomplishments in a way that allows employers to relate to those skills within their industry.


Thank you for your service!

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